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A true modernist house
of beginning of the 20th century.
History, art and privacy

Torre Abadal
Esdeveniments Casa Modernista Barcelona

Torre Abadal


We have the ability to offer a la carte the versatility of both interiors and exteriors for any type of event. Modernist rooms or idyllic gardens allow you to design and build your perfect event. Take advantage of all the advantages we offer you for organizing events in a unique space full of history in the center of Catalonia.

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Torre Abadal


Torre Abadal is a magical place, ideal for celebrating dream weddings. Surrounded by an aura of modernism and located in a privileged rural setting, the house becomes the perfect place for the wedding of your lives. Every corner of our house, our garden or the environment that surrounds us, offers an unparalleled framework to serve truly unique experiences.

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Casa Modernista per Casaments Barcelona · Torre Abadal

Torre Abadal

Guided tours

Very close to the city of Barcelona, in the town of Avinyó, we discover this magnificent modernist heritage designed by the architect Alexandre Soler i March, disciple of Domènech i Montaner. We invite you to discover Torre Abadal, a project built between 1906-1909, perfectly preserved family heritage that after more than a hundred years opens its doors to the public.

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Torre Abadal

Show dinners

Discover the Magic of our exclusive events</p> <p>At Torre Modernista Abadal we transform nights into an unforgettable experience with themed dinner shows. From the elegance and mystery of the 1920s with fascinating cabaret shows, to exciting masquerade dinners where you can experience an intriguing live CLUEDO, each event is a journey into a world of fantasy and enchantment. Immerse yourself in a unique atmosphere and experience exceptional moments in an environment that fuses history and modernity. Our events are designed to offer you a unique and exclusive experience that will delight all your senses. We are waiting for you to be part of this magical adventure! Consult the AGENDA in the Tickets section.

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Gastronomia Torre Abadal

A dream site that isn't quite real when you're there and becomes a real attraction after you've left.

Torre Abadal

Elegance and solemnity at the height of the historical splendor and social representation that the family achieved during the 20th century.

Torre Abadal

Fourth Generation · Current Owner

Mònica Abadal i Argemí

When I inherited Torre Abadal in 2016, I thought... And now, what do I do now?

The first night, I was alone in the house, in front of the fireplace, all I did was look at the vaulted ceilings, the hydraulic floors and all the architectural details and family memories kept for more than a hundred years… and I thought… I, the first woman in the line of succession to inherit the house… I can’t be less… I have to keep it!
I have always thought that the owners of houses of these characteristics, cultural heritage of our country, are just passing through, that our mission is to take care of, maintain and improve (as far as possible) the house for future generations… but this is not an easy task.

One summer night, during a dinner with friends, talking about what I could do, the idea arose to create high-quality, unique and singular events, the profits of which could help to support them. After working on it for a long time we have created this project with which we will open the fantastic and different spaces of the house to the public to enjoy them as the old generations of my family did before, in private.

Casa Modernista per Casaments Barcelona · Torre Abadal
Mònica Abadal i Argemí Torre Abadal

Agenda Torre Modernista Abadal

Events, guided tours and exclusive activities. Don’t miss the opportunity
to live a unique experience in a spectacular environment. Book now and enjoy an unforgettable day with us!

How to arrive!

The Torre Modernista Abadal is located in the town of Avinyó, in Central Catalonia,

in the Bages region. It is located in the center of the town, just behind the church.

There is easy parking throughout the town centre. If you need it, click the following link

and it comes easily with the Google app.

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